Informal meeting to talk (mainly) about maize, local adaptation, plant nutrition and related areas.

We meet on Wednesdays in the lab at 9:00 AM. See the list of papers below. Suggest more on slack.




Wednesday March 14

37. Huang et al (2018) ZmCCT9 enhances maize adaptation to higher latitudes

Wednesday Jan 10

34. Hottes et al (2013) Bacterial Adaptation through Loss of Function


Wednesday Nov 29

31. Hochholdinger et al (2017) Genetic Control of Root System Development in Maize

Wednesday May 10

22. Rogers-Melnick et al (2016) Open chromatin reveals the functional maize genome

Wednesday March 22

17. Lemmon et al (2014)The Role of cis Regulatory Evolution in Maize Domestication


Wednesday December 28

11. Renny-Byfield, Rodgers-Melnick & Ross-Ibarra (2016) Gene fractionation and function in the ancient subgenomes of maize

Wednesday November 9

7. Postponed for general depression after Trump won the elections.

Wednesday November 2

6. Thieme et al (2015) Endogenous Arabidopsis messenger RNAs transported to distant tissues