Lab Members

Allison Barnes Postdoc.
Allison joined the lab in NCSU in June 2019. Among other things she is working in the functional characterization of a maize phospholipase.

Rubén Rellán-Álvarez. PI
Rubén is an Assistant Professor at the Biochemistry Department at CALS - NCSU

Fausto Rodríguez Zapata PhD Student. NCSU Genetics program
Fausto studies maize glycerolipid quantitative and population genetics and genetic associations with soil variables involved in phosphorus deficiency.

Team in México

Elohim Bello. PhD Student co-advised with Luis Herrera-Estrella
Elohim studies natural variation of root soil penetration using Arabidopsis.

Jessica Carcaño Administrative assistant.
Jessy helps to run our lab and Ruairidh Sawers’ and Stewart Gillmor´s labs.

Jonathan Ojeda. PhD Student co-advised with Luis Herrera-Estrella.
Jonathan is studying an Arabidopsis mutant that shows indeterminate primary root growth in low Phosphorus conditions.

Fabián Santa Maria Master Student co-advised with Luis Delaye.
Fabian works on xipotl genes, involved in phosphatydilcholine biosynthesis and in opr7/opr8 involved in jasmonic acid biosynthesis

Former lab members

Patricio Cid Field Manager.
Patricio directed all the field operations of our lab and of ours and Sawers’ labs.

Juan Estévez Wet Lab Manager.
Juan ran all the big genotyping, GBSing and cloning of our and Sawers´ labs.

Karla Juarez Master Student.
Karla studied the role of phospholipids in maize adaptation to low phosphorus and low temperature.

Sofía Estefany Sánchez Master Student co-advised with Ruairidh Sawers. Sofía worked with the xipotl family of genes in maize a set of genes that are involved in the methylation pathway of phosphatidylcholine.

Vladimir Torres. Master Student co-advised with Ruairidh Sawers.
Vladimir studied how an introgression of Teosinte parviglumis in B73 affects root growth and phoshorus deficiency. He is currently doing his PhD with Ruairidh Sawers.

Christian Escoto. Master Student co-advised with Ruairidh Sawers.
Christian worked in the analysis of different morphological traits affected by Phosphorus deficiency using a CML228 x B73 RIL mapping population.

Dario Alávez. Dario worked as lab and field tech mainly developing a collection of Uniform-Mu mutants targetting a number of glycerolipid sysnthesis and degradation genes.