• July 25th. Rubén gave a talk at ISU´s Genetics and Genomics Graduate Group. Slides here.

  • July 17th. Rubén is off to Iowa State University to visit Matt Hufford’s lab.

  • June 28th. Sofía Sánchez attended the SEB meeting in Sweeden and presented her work on the XIPOTL genes.

  • June 17th. Karla Juarez is off to the lab of Christoph Benning at MSU to work on the characterization of a phospholipase candidate gene.

  • June 16th. Karla Juarez Nuñez passed her master thesis today!! What a great way to celebrate Barbara McClintock´s birthday.

  • May 26th. Rubén gave a keynote seminar at the Danforth Plant Science Center Retreat. Slides here

  • May 4th. Rubén gave a talk at the Plant Biotechnology Ecology and Evolution student seminars series.

  • March 12-15. Rubén visited David Lowry´s lab at MSU to give a seminar and discuss future collaborations with

  • March 9-12. We had a great time at the maize meeting.

  • February 27. Elohim passed his qualifying exam! Congrats Elohim.

  • February 6 and 8. Rubén gave talks at the Carnegie Plant Biology Department in Stanford and at the Genome Center in UC Davis as part of a trip to meet collaborators in both places and attend the first ZeaBigData hackaton.

  • January 30. Rubén gave a talk at Plant Lipids Gordon Research Conference, in Gastonville, Texas.

  • January 24. Rubén gave a talk at the Future of Bean and Maize Research meeting in México organized by our colleagues Alejandra Covarrubias and Arnaud Ronceret in the IBT, Cuernavaca.

  • January. Several of us headed to Bucerias to work on our Winter Nursery.


  • December 19. Our collaboration with Luis Herrera-Estrella´s lab on Malate-dependent Fe accumulation is a critical checkpoint in the root developmental response to low phosphate is now up on biorxiv.

  • December 12. Guillaume Lobet visited us briefly before heading to the Phenomics conference at Cimmyt. He gave a talk on how his brand new lab is using plant modelling to understand how plants integrate signals from both soil and the atmosphere to grow.

  • October 4. Our white paper on Morphological plant modeling: Unleashing geometric and topologic potential within the plant sciences has been uploaded to biorxiv. Great collaborative effort as result of a NimBios workshop last year.

Time lapse showing rapid induction of setaria crown roots (marked with blue arrow)

  • June 7. Together with Guillaume Lobet, Malia Gehan and Srikant Srinivasan we are editing an Special Issue on Plant Phenomics for GigaScience. Check the blog article presenting the special issue here. We are very excited to collaborate with the folks at GigaScience on this.